Active Aging Week 2016!

A Healthy Eating Demonstration presented by Rev. Michael Sloan, of Divine Sources is scheduled for Monday September 26 at 12:30. Tuesday September 27 at 12:30 will be our very first Follies Variety Show featuring talented adults over 50 years of age. Friday September 30 at 12:30 will be a Fall Fashion Showcase and there is more to come. Please mark your calendars and make plans to have fun at the PALM!

Donate to The PALM Center!

You can donate to The PALM Center For Positive Aging through the United Way of Southeastern Pennslyvania. Our donor option number is 01616. You can also donate to the PALM from our site using your credit card or PayPal account. All donations are tax deductable and are appreciated to help to keep the center alive with programs and activities to stretch the mind, body and soul!